New Classrooms!

The Early Childhood Education Center Naming Ceremony

GIVE.BUILD.SHARE announces the naming and dedication ceremony for two new early childhood buildings at the Cynthia B. Dillard International School in Mpeasem, Ghana, West Africa. These newly constructed classrooms will be named for two educators who are enduring champions of education, generously supported our efforts to provide access and opportunity for the youngest learners in the Mpeasem community and beyond.


Building Dedication Two

Judith Dillard

The second building will be named for long time early childhood educator, Ms. Judith Dillard of Seattle, WA. Embodying active strength-based approach to education, Ms. Dillard's teaching has not only served to support children's academic achievement but quite literally provides the opportunity for them to learn how to learn. In Dillard’s words: ``I am forever grateful and blessed to be a teacher. I see the naming of one the Early Childhood Classrooms at my sister’s school in Ghana as a continuation of that blessing.”

About Judith
Building Dedication One

Susanne Wightman-Rochester

One building will be named for former Ohio educator, Dr. Susanne Wightman-Rochester. Dr. Wightman-Rochester had the opportunity to travel to the village of Mpeasem in 2008 to see the initial stages of our school building efforts. She has kept both the vision of GIVE.BUILD.SHARE and the children of Mpeasem in her heart since that time. Primarily raised by a progressive activist mother who started her on the track to teaching young children in 1964. “I’ve never looked back and my love of teaching grew,” says Wightman-Rochester.

About Susanne

The naming and dedication ceremony for the first building will take place in July, 2021 in Ghana, West Africa. Ms. Dillard will be present for the ceremony, along with her mother Marion Dillard and several members of the Dillard family. At the same time, GIVE.BUILD.SHARE will hold it’s first ever graduation ceremony, honoring the children who have matriculated through all grades of the school as they graduate from the primary level to the junior high school. This building is currently being constructed through generous donations from GIVE.BUILD.SHARE.

By giving the gift of an education, you not only inspire children in Ghana with your generosity, you create opportunities for their life chances.


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