About Give.Build.Share

When you make an impact in a child’s life, your life changes, too. That’s what it means to Give. Build. Share.

Like many countries in Africa, quality education and healthcare for children and communities is often not available. GIVE.BUILD.SHARE operates in Ghana, West Africa to address that need.  Through our long relationships and our proven success of constructing and administering schools in Ghana, GIVE.BUILD.SHARE is building on these relationships and addressing the needs of children and communities in Ghana.

GIVE.BUILD.SHARE, INC. is a (501)(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization.  Organized in 2016, it purpose is to raise financial and other supports essential to providing access to education and health care in high-need communities in Ghana, West Africa. In order to build schools and related educational and healthcare facilities in needy communities in Ghana, GIVE.BUILD.SHARE raises money through voluntary contributions of individuals, corporations, foundations, associations and other institutions who are interested in supporting its central purpose of providing access to education for children and families in Ghana.

Children Impacted

Hundreds of children have received critical access to education.

People Served

Hundreds of people served by our community building work.

Funds needed (USD)

The approximate costs to build and furnish the next classroom in Ghana.


We are already building schools and health care facilities in Ghana, West Africa. Your generous support means we can continue to provide access to education for hundreds of the world’s children by building a school where there is none, providing support for children, educators and healthcare workers and supplying necessary educational materials for children and families in Ghana!


The link between formal education and wealth is well documented.  But if there is literally no school for miles, children will remain without a formal education and without access to skills, possibilities and economic support for themselves and their families. Not to mention that going to school provides a chance for children in Ghana to understand people on the other side of the world.  People like you. The more you donate, the more access they have to education.


Imagine a world where your donation, combined with those of like-minded individuals can literally build a school.  The block foundation.  The floors. The walls. The roof.  Then the chairs and desks.  The books and paper. Block by block, nearly 100% of your donation constructs a building that will provide access to education for Ghanaian children and families for years to come!



Do you know what it’s like to dream? Give. Build. Share is creating a world where more children in Ghana can go to school. Can go to the clinic. Can read a book, calculate a math problem, learn a second language, understand and participate with the world. Share your commitment to quality education for the world’s children through Give.Build.Share.